Treated Like Cattle

Since the public outcry began over Donald Trump’s immigration policies, I’ve heard people say that the children and parents wrenched apart at the border are “treated like cattle.”

That’s not true.

One of my grown children works at her college’s student-run dairy farm. Every human knows exactly where every animal is at every moment. They know each animal’s name, medical condition and specific needs. They know which cow gave birth to which calf. If any animal shows signs of distress, they figure out the issue and attend to it immediately. For instance, when a heat wave hit, the students (already working shifts round the clock) took extra time to hose down the animals, making sure they were as comfortable as possible in the high temperatures. Each animal is treated with kindness, respect, care. 

I wish the people who tried to immigrate to the United States had been treated as well as the cattle.

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