California Fires

Having spent my childhood in Southern California and most of my adulthood in Northern California, I want to help the many folks affected by the fires. Huge numbers of people are struggling — whether due to air quality, to losing a home, to losing a pet, or worst of all to losing a loved one. Although I now live in North Carolina, these fires feel extremely close to home.

I will be donating all of my book sale profits for the rest of 2018 — starting November 16 through December 31 — to relief from the California fires.

To the people living in California — take good care, hang in there, be safe.

Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable
Caroline Black transfers from a college prep academy to the local public school, which opens her world. Written in reaction to seeing gay students bullied in high school.

Caroline Black, now a young adult training to become a psychologist, treats her first patient — a stormy, brilliant troubled young man with a past full of secrets. Written to help end the stigma of therapy, and to celebrate the human capacity to heal.

Click on the link to purchase a novel, check out reviews.

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