Novel Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my first novel. On July 2, 2013, I published Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable (named after my high school and its motto). 

Hollywood High, my local public school, was an extraordinary education. With over forty languages spoken among the students, with so many racial heritages forming our community, with a huge spectrum of economic diversity — the usual definitions of “cool” fell away and the experience opened my world. We also dealt with gangs and ongoing violence, often targeting the gay students. On top of that, we had an issue specific to our particular school. When adolescents run away, they need a place to run to, and many landed in Hollywood, looking for a red carpet. Hollywood High had a significant population of students struggling to survive, living on the streets. During those years, I also met some of the finest educators I’ve ever known, and some of the brightest, most creative, most accomplished students as well. 

When I was fifteen years old, I decided that some day in the future, I’d write a novel about my high school experience. The story is fiction, but I hope I captured the heart and the grit of the “real” Hollywood High.

Deepest thanks to everybody who has read my book, written a review, told a friend, put up a post, emailed a comment, put the novel on their “to read” list. I’m grateful to each and all of you. 

To those who went to HHS with me, thank you for being a part of my journey through those exhilarating, searing, confusing, affirming, high voltage years. Against all odds, once in a while, taking ourselves by surprise — we came together to achieve the honorable.


Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable

Click on the link to read the first few chapters, check out reviews, purchase the novel.


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