About Amy

Amy Kaufman Burk grew up in the Hollywood Hills. Her father was a screenwriter, who later published both fiction and non-fiction books. Her mother was a social anthropologist, a psychotherapist, a painter, and an author and illustrator of a children’s book. Amy attended Hollywood High School, and then Yale University, where she graduated cum laude, with distinction in the major of psychology. She received her masters degree in Health and Medical Sciences from University of California, Berkeley, and her Doctorate of Mental Health (D.M.H.) from University of California, San Francisco. She had a private practice in psychotherapy in Northern California for over twenty years, before moving to North Carolina. She is married, and has three children. She continues to enjoy her favorite hobbies since childhood: music, art and reading. She is working on her next novel. Her books are available on Amazon!

Amy Kaufman Burk