Slide1-4Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable is Amy’s first novel.  The book is a fictionalized account of her first year of high school, inspired by the bullying she witnessed targeting gay students.  Amy wrote her novel in support of the adolescent experience, the LGBTQIA community, and the educators who step forward as role models for decency.






Tightwire Book CoverTightwire, Amy’s second novel, follows Caroline Black (from Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable) into her first year as a psych intern. The story tracks oneyear of work with her first patient, Collier, who is seductive, feisty, troubled and brilliant. Amy wrote this book as a voice against the stigma often attached to psychotherapy. The book also strongly supports same-sex parents, and addresses the damage of sexual assault. Tightwire is a story of hope and healing.

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