Slide1-4Amy’s first novel, Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable, follows Caroline Black through 10th grade as she leaves her college prep academy and enters her local public high school. At Hollywood High, she finds gangs, teen prostitution, 40+ languages among the students, an economic spectrum ranging from the wealthy homes in the Hollywood Hills to kids living on the streets, and violence targeting the gay students. An unlikely hero, Caroline is a nerd growing up in a film industry family, frightened of the fire she carries within, hidden under layers academic achievement. At Hollywood High, Caroline finds friendship and diversity that open her world, as she owns her fire and discovers her strength.

Tightwire Book CoverTightwire, Amy’s second novel, follows Caroline Black through her rookie year as a psych intern. The story tracks her work with her first patient, Collier, who is seductive, angry, troubled and brilliant. As Caroline scrambles to build a treatment with the help of a gifted supervisor, Collier struggles to heal from a past filled with secrets. As Caroline and Collier work together, she discovers her own gift as a therapist, and he discovers his own ability to heal.

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